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The family behind turnkey rocket

Our story

Turnkey Rocket - A family owned business

At Turnkey Rocket, we’re a family-owned business that truly values honesty and integrity. Our team consists of passionate professionals who are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams. As a family, we understand the value of hard work and are committed to providing the best possible dropshipping solutions to our customers. From our CEO and founder, Miodrag Ilic, to his wife and sons who play vital roles in the business, we work closely together to ensure our clients receive the highest level of service and support. We know the significance of trust, and that’s why we strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients based on respect and reliability.

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From Frustration to Innovation

The story of Turnkey Rocket

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Have you ever felt frustrated trying to find the perfect dropshipping solution that fits your needs and budget? Miodrag Ilic, the founder of Turnkey Rocket, felt the same way. He searched for a comprehensive and affordable solution that had all the features entrepreneurs needed, but nothing seemed to fit the bill. Instead of settling for less, he took matters into his own hands and created Turnkey Rocket.

Today, it’s a game-changer in the industry, providing entrepreneurs with everything they need to succeed at a price they can afford. End your search for a comprehensive dropshipping solution and discover the answer you’ve been seeking with Turnkey Rocket. Here’s what separates us from the competition:

The Man Behind the Vision

Meet the founder and CEO of Turnkey Rocket

Miodrag Ilic is an accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in the IT, telecommunications, web design, marketing, and search engine optimization fields. He is the founder and CEO of Turnkey Rocket, as well as the CEO of Linkom-PC, a company specializing in various technical and digital services, and Clean Visuals, a web and graphic design agency. Miodrag has sold 18 websites for over $6500 on the Flippa platform alone and has earned 100% positive feedback from his clients. This showcases not only his technical skills and business acumen but also his ability to establish and maintain strong client relationships, consistently delivering exceptional results. His diverse expertise and extensive experience make him a highly respected figure in the online business community.

Miodrag Ilic CEO and founder
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A family of experts

Meet the Turnkey Rocket team

A family of experts dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Our team consists of professionals with diverse expertise in product research, web design, marketing, content creation, and more. We work closely together to provide the best possible  solutions to our clients, ensuring their success every step of the way.

Miodrag Ilic
Miodrag Ilic Founder and CEO
With years of experience running multiple successful companies, Miodrag is the founder and CEO of Turnkey Rocket. He handles product research and marketing-related tasks for customers, his area of expertise.
Dragana Ilic
Dragana Ilic CFO
In her role as CFO of Turnkey Rocket, Dragana leverages her extensive accounting experience to oversee and streamline business operations, ensuring optimal efficiency and success for the company.
Dejan Ilic
Dejan Ilic Senior web designer
Dejan is a skilled web designer with a degree specialized in WordPress and Shopify. He handles web design, graphic design, and video editing for Turnkey Rocket, bringing his expertise to all aspects of design.
Mihailo Ilic
Mihailo Ilic Content creator
As Turnkey Rocket's content creator, Mihailo utilizes his writing skills and knowledge to research and write informative and engaging content for the company's blog, providing readers with valuable tips and tricks.
Verified Industry Recognition

DesignRush Approved

We are proud to announce that Turnkey Rocket has been recognized by DesignRush, a reputable online platform for finding the best creative and digital agencies. DesignRush has included Turnkey Rocket among the distinguished Shopify Development Companies category as a verified agency. This prestigious recognition underscores our expertise in Shopify development and affirms our commitment to delivering exceptional services to our clients.

Create your dream store with ease

Our proven path to dropshipping success

Are you prepared to transform your e-commerce dreams into a reality? Trust in us to lead you through our established approach towards launching your profitable online store. Our journey consists of four steps, starting from selecting the ideal niche to achieving a successful business launch.

Choose your niche

Let our team guide you in selecting the perfect niche and products for your business. We’ll help you research the market and analyze the competition to ensure your success.

Shopify store creation

Our team of experts will create a Shopify store customized to your niche and business goals. Your store will be optimized for success, ensuring maximum conversions.

Targeted advertising

We’ll develop a custom advertising plan and a high-quality video ad to showcase your products and attract potential customers, optimized for maximum reach and engagement.

Splash launch

Ready, Set, Launch!

Your store and targeted advertising plan are ready for launch. Turnkey Rocket equips you with the essential resources you need to achieve your business goals and profitability.