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Independence Through Education

Independence Through Education

At Turnkey Rocket, we're official Shopify partners, a family-owned business dedicated to education and independence, empowering you to achieve success with your online business with minimal investment.

Shopify Partners
  • Practical Skills

    Gain practical skills and knowledge through our comprehensive course. Learn the fundamentals of digital dropshipping, from product research to brand building.

  • Expert Guidance

    Benefit from the experience of our founder, Miodrag Ilić, who guides you through every aspect of branding, digital product creation, and Shopify store setup.

  • Canva Templates

    Boost productivity with our ready-made Canva templates. Easily create digital products like e-books using our customizable templates.


Our Successful Projects

We have built successful Shopify stores for numerous entrepreneurs, helping them achieve their e-commerce dreams. We have covered various niches and styles, demonstrating our expertise in creating attractive and functional online stores.

  • Pure Nutrition Guide

    Ready-made Shopify store offering a comprehensive e-book on healthy eating, with 100% margin and automatic passive income.

  • CarneDiet

    Shopify store featuring a Carnivore diet e-book, ready for monetization with 100% margin and passive income.

  • Vibrant AI Art

    Shopify store in the AI art niche, offering a digital PLR product with 100% margin and high potential for passive income.

  • Barkcutey

    Shopify store offering personalized dog portraits, meeting high demand in a niche with profitable opportunities.

  • Superhero Army

    Shopify store specializing in personalized superhero portraits, showcasing diversity and a wide range of profitable niches.

  • Glute Sculpting

    Shopify store selling an e-book on glute exercises and nutrition, created using a Canva template, shown step by step in our course.

Benefits of Digital Products

Why Is Digital Dropshipping Better?

Digital dropshipping offers numerous advantages over physical dropshipping. This business model is ideal for those who want to quickly and efficiently meet customer needs while maximizing their profit.

  • Digital Dropshipping

    ✅ Instant download
    ✅ Unlimited supply
    ✅ Satisfied customers
    ✅ 100% profit margins
    ✅ Low competition
    ✅ Worldwide sales

  • Physical Dropshipping

    ❌ Long delivery times
    ❌ Saturated products
    ❌ Dissatisfied customers
    ❌ Low profit margins
    ❌ Strong competition
    ❌ Limited reach

Efficient Solution for Online Business

Benefits Of Using Shopify

Discover how Shopify simplifies setting up and managing your online store, giving you all the tools you need to grow your business effortlessly.

  • Complete Solution

    Shopify provides everything you need to run an online store in one place. Set up your site, process payments, and automate order fulfillment seamlessly.

  • User-Friendly

    Shopify is user-friendly for beginners, requiring no technical skills. Its intuitive interface allows you to focus solely on growing your business.

  • Specialized Tools

    Shopify provides essential tools for selling digital products such as e-books or courses. Automate delivery for instant customer access to their purchases.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital dropshipping?

Digital dropshipping involves selling digital products online without the need to manage physical inventory or handle tangible goods. You act as a middleman connecting customers with digital products such as e-books, software, courses, and more. Unlike traditional dropshipping, there are no conventional suppliers. Instead, you create or acquire rights to digital products and sell them online.

How does it differ from traditional dropshipping?

Unlike traditional dropshipping, which involves physical products and often long delivery times, digital dropshipping offers instant delivery to customers. There's no need to worry about inventory management, shipping logistics, or handling product returns, making it a more efficient business model. Plus, with digital products, you retain 100% of the profit from each sale.

Is digital dropshipping suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Digital dropshipping is beginner-friendly and requires minimal initial investment compared to traditional business models. With the right guidance and resources, anyone can learn how to start and run a successful digital dropshipping business, regardless of previous experience or background.

What types of digital products can I sell?

The beauty of digital dropshipping lies in its versatility. You can sell a wide range of digital products, including e-books, online courses, software, templates, graphics, music, and more. The key is to identify a market niche and offer products that meet the needs and interests of your target audience.

Who are we and why should you trust us?

Our mission is to empower our clients with the knowledge and skills they need for success. Through a comprehensive course, we'll teach you how to build and grow your digital dropshipping business from scratch. We're a Shopify partner agency, whose CEO Miodrag Ilić has sold 28 digital dropshipping sites to clients on Flippa, totaling over $10,000.

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What are the benefits of taking the Shopify course?

By taking our course, you'll gain expertise in digital dropshipping, unlock the path to financial freedom and passive income, and learn from experienced Shopify experts. Throughout the course, you'll master selling digital products online, from product research and brand building to setting up a Shopify store and effective marketing. Whether you're a beginner or experienced entrepreneur, our course provides the knowledge and skills needed for success in the world of digital dropshipping.