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Shopify Digital Dropshipping: How To Sell Digital Products

Shopify Digital Dropshipping: How To Sell Digital Products

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Welcome to "Shopify Digital Dropshipping: How To Sell Digital Products". This course is your key to a successful start in digital sales using the Shopify platform.

🚀 Learn directly from a Shopify expert through clear instructions and videos that guide you step-by-step to your goal.

💡 Discover how and where to find profitable digital products (e-books, planners, Canva templates, and more).

📚 Learn how to create digital products in Canva, design a unique brand, and build your Shopify store.

💰 Achieve financial independence with the global reach of digital products and 100% profit margins.

Begin your digital entrepreneurial journey and create a profitable online business with the help of our course!

  • Online Course
  • Video Format
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Selling Digital Products

Become A Digital Dropshipping Expert

Shopify Partners

Are you interested in becoming an expert in digital dropshipping and unlocking the path to financial freedom and true passive income? Look no further than the comprehensive course, "Shopify Digital Dropshipping: How To Sell Digital Products." Led by Miodrag Ilić, CEO of the official Shopify partner agency Turnkey Rocket, this course is designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the lucrative world of online business.

Independence Through Education

  • Product Selection

    Learn effective methods for finding profitable digital products.

  • Brand Identity

    Create a consistent brand identity using colors, fonts, and a professional logo

  • Product Creation

    Use Canva to create digital products for your dropshipping store.

  • Shopify Store

    Build a functional Shopify store from scratch, covering all key settings.

Chapters and Lessons

Course Content


✔️ Introduction (01:04)

Product Research

✔️ Digital Product Sourcing Options (03:55)

Brand Identity

✔️ Brand Name And Domain (01:56)

✔️ Domain Name Registration (01:54)

✔️ Brand Colors (02:09)

✔️ Logo Design (02:23)

Customizing Digital Products in Canva

✔️ Customizing Digital Products in Canva (03:25)

Shopify Store

✔️ Creating A Shopify Store (02:30)

✔️ Creating A Product In Shopify (02:16)

✔️ Configuring Shopify Settings (04:35)

✔️ Shopify Customizer – Theme Settings (02:52)

✔️ Homepage Hero Section (02:23)

✔️ Featured Product (03:19)

✔️ Benefits Section (03:00)

✔️ What’s Included (03:29)

✔️ Final Call To Action (CTA) (01:25)

✔️ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (01:36)

✔️ Customizing Header and Footer (04:05)

✔️ Editing Shopify Preferences Settings (00:59)

✔️ Adding A Product Reviews App (02:06)

✔️ Generating And Importing Product Reviews (02:40)

✔️ Customizing Review Widget Design (01:40)

✔️ Finalizing Shopify Product Page Design (02:48)

✔️ Customizing Contact Page Design (00:55)

✔️ Adding Customer Reviews To Homepage (02:02)

✔️ Customizing Cart And Checkout Design (01:53)

✔️ Complete Website Overview (01:42)

✔️ Adding A Downloads App For Order Fulfillment (01:23)

✔️ Creating A Test Order (03:22)

Bonus Content

✔️ Thank You + Bonus Tips And Tricks (02:34)

✔️ Chat GPT Prompts and Custom CSS Code

Founder of Turnkey Rocket

Meet The Instructor

💼 A recognized professional with extensive experience in IT, telecommunications, and digital entrepreneurship.

🚀 Founder and CEO of Turnkey Rocket and Linkom-PC, specializing in digital dropshipping and online business strategies.

📈 28 websites sold, with over $10,000 in revenue on the Flippa platform.

🎓 Expert in developing entrepreneurs through education and practical experience.

🤝 Highly respected in the online community for his dedication to helping others succeed.

Benefits of Digital Products

Why Is Digital Dropshipping Better?

Digital dropshipping offers numerous advantages over physical dropshipping. This business model is ideal for those who want to quickly and efficiently meet customer needs while maximizing their profit.

  • Digital Dropshipping

    ✅ Instant download
    ✅ Unlimited supply
    ✅ Satisfied customers
    ✅ 100% profit margins
    ✅ Low competition
    ✅ Worldwide sales

  • Physical Dropshipping

    ❌ Long delivery times
    ❌ Saturated products
    ❌ Dissatisfied customers
    ❌ Low profit margins
    ❌ Strong competition
    ❌ Limited reach

Insights from the Author

Author's Message

In just over an hour, I will guide you through every step of the digital dropshipping journey. From product research to creating an attractive brand identity, designing appealing graphics in Canva and Photoshop, and setting up your Shopify store, each lesson is filled with useful tips and practical insights.

Perfect Choice for Quick Learning

Compact and Efficient Course

Forget about wasting hours on lectures and PowerPoint presentations. My course is concise, efficient, and accurate, providing you with the necessary information without unnecessary details. With real screen recordings and my guidance through each process step by step, you will learn more in this short yet comprehensive course than from longer, less focused courses and lectures.

Without Traditional Constraints

Digital Dropshipping

Experience the freedom of digital dropshipping. Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional dropshipping, where long delivery times and narrow profit margins can hold you back. With digital dropshipping, you'll enjoy instant delivery, 100% profit margins, global reach, and the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. It's a game-changer for anyone looking to build a successful online business.

From Beginner to Expert

Accessible To All

This course is beginner-friendly and easy to follow, with each lesson serving as a visual guide through the digital dropshipping journey. Whether you're a stay-at-home parent looking to supplement your income, a busy professional seeking financial freedom, or an ambitious entrepreneur with big dreams, my course is your ticket to achieving your goals.

Seize the opportunity to take control of your financial future and make your dreams a reality. Enroll now and start your journey towards online success!

🤓 Fun fact: This course is also a digital product, and our site is on the Shopify platform, so we teach you to use the business model we apply ourselves. 🤝

Accessible To Everyone

  • What's Included?

    🎥 1h11m of Video Content: Access the course immediately after purchase.
    📥 15 Downloadable Resources: Additional training materials.
    🎁 Extra Bonus Materials: ChatGPT prompts and CSS code.

  • Requirements

    🇬🇧 English Proficiency: Due to the global application of knowledge.
    🌐 Internet Access: Required for accessing online lessons.
    💻 Recommended: Basic understanding of computer operations.

  • Who Is It For?

    🎓 Beginners looking to learn the basics of digital dropshipping.
    💼 Entrepreneurs with business ideas for online ventures.
    💰 Individuals seeking additional income through online business.